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Born and raised in Massachusetts, Mikaela always sought the spotlight. From the age of seven she would participate in any theatre she could. When she was introduced to a camera she wouldn't take her hands off of it. Creating silly home YouTube skits, she quickly learned that she not only had a passion for acting, but also for creating content. She continued to grow and learn about film and editing and over the years her shaky, low-quality home videos became professional concept videos that amassed tens of millions of views on YouTube. After gaining over hundreds of thousands followers she realized she had a gift. She continued to make videos that gathered millions of views, and learned she was helping & inspiring young people. Wondering if she could create the same amount of interest on other platforms, she began making TikTok videos when she learned about the app, where she has also developed a massive platform. She continues to create comedic & LGBTQ friendly skits & content, and regularly gets messages from LGBTQ youth and others saying that she has helped them be comfortable with who they are, or just simply put a smile on their face. She wishes to continue inspiring and entertaining others while growing to her full potential through social media, film & television.


HEIGHT: 5'7"



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